Email that's personalized
& automated

A successful email marketing automation system is one that's highly personalized and speaks to the interests of the person behind the inbox.

Picture an email system that can predict how many leads you will get based on the amount of people receiving it. That is the gift of ROI tracking with our automated email marketing strategies. Based on historical data, we get your email analytics predicting how many leads you will receive based on the number of people we are emailing. This empowers our clients to know the exact ROI they are getting, and how much they want to invest. And with our growth marketing experts, and the potential linking to your CRM or quoting software, we can get an exact revenue per lead. Our NJ team of email marketing automation experts offer these proven services:  

  • Cold or Warm Email Strategy Creation
  • Fully Automated
  • ROI Focused. Open, Click, and Reply Tracking Ability
  • Predictable Analytics Upon Historical Data

Email Marketing Services That
Work For Your Industry

SEO reporting services

Reporting & Tracking

See exactly how people are interacting with your emails. Know exactly how to tweak the text and content with A & B testing and analysis.

Email Copywriting

We'll help you write your emails by utilizing our professional copywriting team. We'll send you examples for approval and editing.

SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Contact Database Building

Whether you decide to use the contacts you have established, opted in individuals, or you need help with contacts, we've got your back.

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