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This client had a good amount of content. They created their website in 2013 and just never saw much traffic. With a blog that was slightly updated and pages that ranked on Google page 2 – 4, we saw potential to take this site to a level they didn’t think possible. 

The Results:

  •  We created a backlinking strategy by creating content that got shared. This increase their search visibility.
  • We optimized the pages that were close to ranking on the first page of Google but just could not get up there. This resulted in quick ROI. 
  • Traffic before implementation: Website SEO case study
  • Traffic after implementation: Website traffic increase case study

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Step 01


We analyzed the pages on their website that we’re already close to ranking on the first page of Google, but we’re not their yet. We then also devised a content strategy to build a backlink profile and get their content published across the net. 

Step 02

Quick Wins and Off-page SEO

Editing the content that was already in place and almost ranking gave us some quick wins. With our team of experts we strategically optimized their existing content and then created more content that mimicked competitive blog articles in their industry. 

Step 03

The Finale

In the end, the results spoke for themselves. The website traffic skyrocketed and the inflow of online sales and leads grew tremendously. Once we established a strong link profile, Search Engines took noticed and adjusted their ranking tremendously in just a couple of months. With continued execution and innovative ideas we have continued to growth their SEO strategy and it is now, by far, their best marketing tactic. 

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