Local Small Business in Major City

Located in French Canada, this company was a complete first for us being that they spoke a different language. We did an analysis of their current site. We found 43 terms with traffic between 20 – 1000 searches a month, with CPC between .20 cents – $5 /click. We started by focusing on some high priorities around the $4-$5 a click range. Competitive Gap. We found 31 terms between 20 – 1,600 ms with CPC between .10 – $3. Some of these were local areas they hadn’t targeted yet, some of these were popular brand names of appliances that they work with, and some of these were great keywords for services they offer that they don’t have pages for yet. They first started with us in March 2016. 

The Results:

  •  Local SEO in city
  • After careful competitive analysis and some crafted, advanced SEO techniques we we’re able to increase the traffic almost instantly. 
  • The client saw great results very early. After 2016 and they reassessed their budget they decided to invest more into our capabilities. This is when they saw the incredible ROI that Search Engine Optimization can bring. 

Get Information On These Services:

Off-page Analysis

We used advanced off-page techniques as well as utilizing their owned content to gather backlinks to their site. We then leaned on partners to help us with the language barrier. We instructed our teams to cater towards certain keywords.

Full-blown SEO

When this client saw the potential they decided to go all in on our investing in our experienced team. We analyzed their entire site and incorporated a holistic content strategy that began to bring in local audiences that created the niche buzz they we’re looking for.

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