Metro Exhibits

Metro Exhibits came to us as a company who believed in marketing. We worked with them in full flexibility to create the ultimate growth engine for their company. We advised them to seek opportunities with multiple websites, honing in on niche environments where their target audience resided.

The result was the build of 7 WordPress websites and one that was a completely new concept and virtually a new company in NJ. We used multiple marketing tactics including WordPress SEOEmail Marketing Automation, and Blog Writing Services to drive conversions and sales. We worked with their sales team to create cross-functional campaigns that utilized automation to scale communication. With multiple investments in technology and strategic partnerships, Metro Exhibits was one of our most successful clients and partners.

The Results:

  •  Marketing Generated Sales Increased by 76% in 2 years
  •  Increase in MQL’s:
  • Y1: 68%
  • Y2: 40.8%
  • Y3: on pace for 39.7% – averaging about 350 leads per month
  • Decreased marketing spend by $35k in the first 3 months.
  • Increase lead quality. Average sale amount from marketing generated leads increase by 21.4%.

As the company growth soared, averaging a 28% growth year over year, sustained lead growth rates became harder. So far it has been 3 years of serving Metro Exhibits, and we have seen them double their revenue, equating to over $10m in growth. Their first year as a client, we saved them $35k in Google Ad spend while increasing the number of leads they generated from it by 32%. We updated their manual marketing processes with a lot more automation, which gave their employees time to focus on more important tasks.

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Step 01

Gather Data

Metro Exhibits needed more accurate data. We established best practices, better automation, and more accurate ROI tracking utilizing their existing Salesforce and Pardot tech stack. 

Step 02

Marketing Analysis and Action

We let the data tell a story. The story led us to what their customers truly desired, and where the most important information resided on their site. It also led us deeper into their existing marketing strategies. We pulled apart each existing campaign to find out why they were working or not working. 

Step 03

The Final Digital & Growth Marketing Deliverables

The end product was a short-term and long-term plan that our team devised in collaboration with their in-house marketing team. The collaboration of industry insight and data analysis led us to uncover the hidden marketing gems. These discoveries were the underlying motivators for converting leads. Once realized, we could forecast marketing-generated revenue almost to an exact amount. This empowered Metro Exhibits marketing, and gave them confidence in the strategies we built for them.

Let's Grow Together.